Work Examples


Best Vehicle Loans


Tasks completed:

  • Acquire domain name
  • Setup web hosting, cPanel and domain delegation
  • Install WordPress, build multi-page website layout
  • Write and edit more than 3500 words of content
  • Design business logo
  • Edit various images and promo material
  • Setup business emails
  • Create various online forms
  • Establish Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns
  • Ongoing website and form management

Best Vehicle Loans, a subsidiary of New Vehicle Group, is an Australian business that specialises in comparing vehicle finance for private and commercial customers. Best Vehicle Loans' main source of lead generation is through Google AdWords, Facebook, and through the use of specific SEO framework.

Because the vehicle finance industry is so competitive (like many businesses), it's vital to grasp as many leads as possible from website visitors - most of which are there because they've clicked on a Best Vehicle Loans ad somewhere online (usually on either Google or Facebook).

We setup the website with various types of content, both informal, formal, and instructive to best maintain each visitor's level of interest. The site is mapped in a way that it encourages visitors to 'get a free quote'.

The planning for this website was quite in-depth with lots of research and planning done to make sure it could compete with its big-budget competitors.

The Google AdWords campaign was setup and adjusted to make sure that the cost-per-click ratio was working at a level that was financially viable and beneficial for the business. Various campaigns were established to sound out what would work best (ask us about building you an effective Google AdWords campaign).

Best Vehicle Loans continues to operate and connect consumers and lenders.